Doctor Who Trailer [x]

oh god i finally got my first real job and i start tomorrow. i’m beyond nervous about it, but on the bright side i can now save up for a new computer. 

Stonefield + looking at each other


Sam Claflin for Vogue, August 2014 - behind the scenes [x].


Make me choose: Natalie Dormer or Emma Stone


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Do you know what? It’s the sickliest story ever. I walked into an audition room, I saw her and I knew. I’m not kidding for the life of me. She was reading in for a part and it’s my fourth free call. I’ve done previously three auditions with this other girl reading and this girl walked in and I walked out the audition, couldn’t care less if I got the part. I called my agent, I said, “Mate, I am in love.” He’s like, “How did the audition go, mate?” I was like, “No, no, you don’t understand. I have just met the woman I want to marry.” Then, that evening, I want to a party in East London and—the story goes on for hours. {Laughing} I went to a party in East London and at 5:00 a.m., I stayed up all night having fun with my friends, got on the first tube or the subway home, got the subway doors opened at my stop, she was standing there. I’m not kidding. This actually happened. 

- Sam Claflin (x)